Sheraton Dammam

Die Hafenstadt Dammam, fünftgrößte Stadt Saudi Arabiens ist nicht nur für Ihre Kultur, sondern auch die Einzigartigkeit der Landschaft bekannt. Ein Ort, an dem sich Kulturgenuss und Erholung in besonderer Weise verbinden lassen. Genau dort befindet sich das Sheraton Dammam. 

Das Sheraton Dammam bietet nicht nur den für ein Sheraton-Hotel obligaten hohen Standard, sondern als Besonderheit einen Spa, der seinesgleichen in der Region sucht.


Das Kulturverständnis, die große internationale Erfahrung, genauso wie die Betrachtungsweise eines Spas nicht nur als einzigartige Wohlfühloase, sondern auch als Profitcenter war ausschlaggebend dafür, dass Schletterer mit der Planung beauftragt wurde.

Besonderes Augenmerk lag hier bei der strikten Geschlechtertrennung. So wurden 2 verschiedene Eingänge geplant, einerseits von draußen zugänglich und andererseits vom Hotel direkt, wobei auch dieser für Männer und Frauen getrennt ist. Mit besonderem Fingerspitzengefühl und Verständnis für die kulturellen Feinheiten ging das Planerteam von Schletterer auf diese Notwendigkeit ein und entwickelte kreative Lösungsvorschläge sowie spannende Designkonzepte. 

The seaport of Dammam, fifth largest city in Saudi Arabia, is famous for its culture and marvellous surroundings. The Damman Sheraton Hotel is a place that allows the perfect combination of cultural activities and recreation.

In addition to the high standard one would expect from a Sheraton hotel, the Sheraton Dammam features a special attraction – a spa area that is one-of-a-kind in this region. 

The crucial factors for commissioning Schletterer were their appreciation of different cultures, their great international experience and their approach to spas: They consider a spa as the perfect place of recreation and well-being but also as a profit centre.

Particular attention has been paid to a strict gender-segregation. As a result the spa area is accessible via two separate entrances from the hotel as well as two separate ones from outside. The team of Schletterer have shown an immense amount of sensitivity and understanding whilst dealing with this necessity and they have developed creative solutions and fascinating design concepts.

Basically the design is clean, elegant and modern, appropriate to the atmosphere of a city hotel. One can hardly notice any Arabian influence or Middle Eastern traditions.

A visit to the spa area of the Sheraton Dammam will definitely be a memorable experience: The herbal aroma bath is installed in a room decorated with large-scale floral designs and furniture made of bright wood. When using the Infinity Pool, guests can relax while having a Thalasso bath in a cocoon-style room that has a very soothing atmosphere, thanks to special illumination and the use of mirrors and colour-coordinated stone elements.

In addition, the guests can indulge themselves in Deluxe Triple Treatments (Ayurveda, soap brush massage, steam bath) which are offered in elaborate treatment rooms decorated with backlit yellow, light green or orange design elements and equipped with vitalizing whirlpool baths.

There is a wide range of services offered to the guests so they can experience the unique sensation of well-being: Ladies beauty zone, Shiatsu, deluxe treatments, dry flotation bath, beauty treatments, massages, Thalasso baths, solarium,Ayurveda massage, aromatherapy, mud baths, swimming pool, relaxation area, Laconium, Tepidarium, herbal bath, multi-sensory showers, ice grotto, steam room, salt grotto, sauna, Jacuzzi.

The guests are invited to rest in several brightly coloured lounges and modern-style refreshment bars equipped with comfortable furniture and elegant accessories. Several green oases are provided for invigorating freshness.

The ladies area has been coloured in white, light brown, light green or yellow. The rooms are adequately equipped with feminine, soft, round forms. The gents spa in contrast, is dominated by darker colours such as dark brown, muddy green or dark blue. Both areas, however, are equipped with white architectural bows, which lead from the floor to the ceiling, in order to maintain a certain unity within the spa.

The treatment rooms feature various elements made of wood and glass, as well as glass mosaics in different colours. Interior design and furniture are dominated by materials such as basketwork and stone, as well as functional, yet beautiful fabrics and elegant light sources.

Aesthetic objects of decoration such as glass vases, reflective surfaces, floral and bamboo designs are combined with precious equipment elements. This brings the entire spa area to design perfection, leaving nothing to be desired, for a unique spa experience.

Our services

Strategic functional conception, detailed planning of the interior architecture, spa equipment design and engineering, assistance to building services, project management, turn-key realisation of the spa.


The main challenge of the project was to turn a dark basement area into a haven of well-being, providing separate entrances for ladies and gentlemen. Furthermore, we had to develop the perfect combination of Western European design and subtle Arabian influences.

Sheraton Dammam

Sheraton Dammam

Sheraton Dammam